“Changing the landscape of minority investors with seasoned developers, bringing over 20 years of experience.” 

Brookmont's Deal Sponsor

– Competitive track record: 18.1% aggregate IRR and 1.95x realized net equity multiple.

– Institutional team with $1.75bn+ of investing experience across cycles, supplemented by software.

– Deep sourcing relationships seek to uncover off-market opportunities.

– Rigorous underwriting, diligence, and asset management.

– Fiduciary aligned through sponsor co-invest & promote participation. 

Brookmont Horizon Equity Fund

– Mid-cap ($10-50mm), single asset investing aims to take advantage of capital markets and operational inefficiencies.

– 10-20% net IRR

– Multifamily focus, supplemented by industrial, hotel, and office in high-growth markets.

– Capital market dislocations could create compelling opportunities to acquire assets at meaningful discounts to early 2023 pricing.

– Minority founded and led investment manager.

Various Markets

Fund Focus: Multifamily, Hospitality, Industrial

Minimum Investment: $125,000

Accredited Investors and Non-Accredited Investor (Limited)

Brookmont Horizon Equity Fund represents a significant step towards democratizing access to large-scale real estate deals for minority investors. Historically, substantial real estate projects have been the domain of major institutional investors or individuals with considerable wealth. However, Brookmont Horizon Equity Fund aims to change this landscape by offering minority investors an opportunity to participate in these lucrative ventures.

The importance of bringing these large-scale real estate deals to minority investors cannot be overstated. It provides a pathway for wealth creation and financial participation that has been largely inaccessible to these groups. This inclusivity not only promotes diversity in the real estate investment community but also ensures a broader representation of interests in the development of our urban and suburban landscapes.

Brookmont’s role in this endeavor is pivotal. Leveraging the Brookmont Relationship, the fund aims to partner with seasoned developers who bring over 20 years of experience in real estate development. This partnership combines the fund’s commitment to inclusivity with the expertise and track record of established developers. The seasoned developers contribute their deep knowledge of the industry, understanding of market dynamics, and a proven ability to execute large projects successfully. This collaboration ensures that the investments are not only socially progressive but also grounded in sound business acumen and a robust understanding of the real estate market.

In summary, the Brookmont Horizon Equity Fund is more than just a financial venture; it is a transformative platform that bridges the gap between minority investors and large-scale real estate opportunities, backed by the experience and expertise of veteran developers. This initiative promises not only financial returns but also a step towards a more inclusive and diverse real estate investment landscape.