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Brookmont Holdings has established itself as a cornerstone in the commercial real estate and lending sectors, earning a reputation for being a reliable and trusted partner. Their expertise spans a wide range of services, including property management, investment opportunities, and tailored lending solutions that cater to the unique needs of each client. With a commitment to integrity and excellence, Brookmont Holdings leverages its deep market knowledge and a robust network to facilitate transactions that maximize value for all stakeholders involved. Their dedicated team works closely with clients, ensuring a seamless and transparent experience from start to finish, thereby solidifying their standing as a go-to entity for commercial real estate endeavors.

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Alexander Ferguson

Mr. Ferguson has over 35+ years’ experience launching and managing successful business ventures at the intersections of strategy, technology, communications, and media. Mr. Ferguson brings the business experience garnered from building a multi-million-dollar defense contracting company, a media business that delivered over 25 feature length films to the market in its first 6 years of operation, as well as cutting-edge technical know-how and visionary acumen of a true futurist; from his work in the federal government, to solving the complex needs of today’s business problems. In the Washington Metropolitan Area, where technologists abound, Washington Technology magazine noted Mr. Ferguson as one of the area’s notable technology entrepreneurs and futurists. Additionally of note is that Mr. Ferguson’s patented concept preceded market leader Apple Inc’s iTunes service by two years, and correctly predicted the rise of downloadable internet content which today represents an important and significant growth sector of the global economy today. Mr. Ferguson’s next patent in individual medical logistics predicted the rise of personalized medicine and information logistics. The experience gained as the sole founder of Crius, Inc., one of the founders of Intercom Consulting and Federal Systems, and founder of Dawn's Light Media; has allowed Mr. Ferguson’s clients to include various Cabinet level Departments, and Inter-Agency working groups, as well as Global 2000 companies and Nonprofits. He was a key part of the four-man team that authored a Cabinet level Department’s global IT Strategic Plan, which directed approximately $1.8 Billion per year of worldwide IT spend from 2011-2016.

Mr. Ferguson served as CIO-level consultant to the Executive branch of the US Government, as well as lead architect and technical leader for several major global information networks. His recommendations to a Cabinet level Department’s Strategic Planning Office were regularly reviewed by the Executive branch, Legislative branch, and other agencies, and has multiple awards and certificates of appreciation for his work. Mr. Ferguson has served as a Chief Strategic Officer for activities and negotiations with a LATM and EUR Government, in areas of aviation, agriculture, technology, and defense, and has lead acquisition teams of 5 successful M&A acquisitions. As founder of Dawn’s Light Media, he was the Producer for the film “Black Water” starting Jean-Claude Van Damme and Dolph Lundgren, and Executive Producer for many others. In 2000, Mr. Ferguson founded Kaang, Inc. to provide strategic, enterprise-level consulting on the intersections of security, technology, and business alignment for major clients. Mr. Ferguson is a 2008 graduate and alumni of the Harvard Business School’s elite Owner/President Management program. Mr. Ferguson is also one of the very first people certified as a Cisco Certified Internetwork Engineer (CCIE), as well as extensive Security experience as demonstrated by being a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), a Certified Information Systems Manager (CISM); and holds other technical certifications as well. He is a multi-decade practitioner of the martial arts and is honorably discharged as a service-disabled veteran after serving in the US Army Reserve’s 29th Light Infantry Division.